Resource scalr_vcs_provider

Manage the Scalr VCS provider. Create, update and destroy.

Example Usage

Basic usage:

resource "scalr_vcs_provider" "example" {
  account_id = "acc-xxxxx"

Argument Reference

  • name - (Required) Name of the vcs provider.

  • vcs_type (Required) The vcs provider type is one of github, github_enterprise, gitlab, gitlab_enterprise, bitbucket_enterprise. The other providers are not currently supported in the resource.

  • token (Required) The personal access token for the provider

    • GitHub token can be generated by url

    • Gitlab token can be generated by url,read_user,read_registry

  • account_id - (Optional) ID of the account.

  • url - (Optional) This field is required for self-hosted vcs providers.

  • username - (Optional) This field is required for bitbucket_enterprise provider type.

Attribute Reference

All arguments plus:

  • id - The ID of the vcs provider.


To import vcs provider use vcs provider ID as the import ID. For example:

terraform import scalr_vcs_provider.example vcs-xxxxxxxxxx