For Azure a service principal is required which can be created by following the steps in the provider documentation.

  1. Azurerm Creating a Service Principal NEWWIN

  2. In Scalr in the “Add Credentials” dialogue select Azure

  3. Enter the Client ID (appId), Secret Key (password) and Tenant ID (tenant) from the output of create-for-rbac. Click Save

Example output from create-for-rbac

  "appId": "c5f583b2-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-baa93d369f1b",
  "displayName": "azure-cli-2020-04-21-07-39-09",
  "name": "http://azure-cli-2020-04-21-07-39-09",
  "password": "2458ffd6-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-3b9f3964ab67",
  "tenant": "8ad9e98e-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-7969b23753d4"

Add them into Scalr through the provider:

resource "scalr_provider_configuration" "azurerm" {
  name              = "azurerm"
  account_id        = "acc-xxxxxxxxx"
  azurerm {
    client_id       = "my-client-id"
    client_secret   = "my-client-secret"
    subscription_id = "my-subscription-id"
    tenant_id       = "my-tenant-id"

The above is an example, please see the full provider documentation here.


The provider configuration will auto populate the majority of the information in the Azure provider block, but you will continue to have to add the features {} block even if it is empty. Scalr does not add this to ensure any existing configuration does not break.