Integrations are only in the new Scalr UI, which can be accessed by going to https://<account>

Scalr integrations are a way to natively integrate with other tooling in the Terraform ecosystem without having to develop any custom code yourself. Integrations are managed at the account scope only. Below you will find the current integrations, but please open a support ticket if you would like see others added!



Datadog is an analytics tool that can be used for event monitoring, log collection, and much more. As you scale your Terraform usage, the ability to analyze the run results, run execution time, and any other aspect of Terraform runs becomes extremely important to optimize your overall Terraform workflow.

The Datadog integration can currently stream event details for Terraform runs executed in Scalr. To integrate with Datadog, simply go to the integrations page at the account scope, select Datadog, and add the necessary information:


At this point, just select the necessary connections and the integration is complete. You will now see Terraform run events with their attributes in Datadog:


You can now build reports and dashboards in Datadog to analyze your Terraform events. For example, break down run results per environment:



Slack has become the central meeting place for the majority of DevOps teams for code reviews, incident notifications, and more. SlackOps enables teams to be more efficient and move at a faster pace, and at Scalr, we believe in meeting our users where they work. In the first phase of the Scalr to Slack integration, users will be notified when Terraform runs are finished (no matter what the result of the run is) or when approval is needed.

The Slack integration is simple to setup, just click “Connect to Slack” to enable the application in Slack. Fill in the details below and the notifications will start coming in based on the Terraform run events:


Example notification:


Coming soon: Ability to approve/deny runs from Slack.