Infracost Installation

Scalr natively supports Infacost to perform cost estimation by default. To retrieve the pricing data, the Infracost binary contacts a cloud-pricing server (ensure your server can connect to over 443), which is maintained by the Scalr team. If Scalr is installed in a private network and it does not have the Internet access, you can follow the instructions to install the Infracost cloud pricing server alongside Scalr in the same network.

  • First, follow the Infracost guide on how to install the self-hosted cloud pricing server.

  • After the installation is done and an API access token has been created, update the /etc/scalr-server/scalr-server.rb file with following code, replace the placeholders with the respective cloud-pricing server hostname and API token, and then run the scalr-server-ctl reconfigure command:

app[:configuration] = {
    :scalr => {
        "tf_worker" => {
            :infracost => {
                :api_url => '<infracost_api_url>',
                :api_key => '<infracost_api_key>',

Once these steps are completed, the cost estimation feature will be available for your Scalr install.