Enable Email Integration

In Scalr you can integrate with a SMTP server to send emails when users are created or for any other notifications Scalr can provide.

Configuring Email

To enable email, add the following settings to your scalr-server.rb:

# Email settings. Unless you set those, Scalr will not deliver email.
app[:email_from_address] = '[email protected]'    # Source address for the messages sent by Scalr
app[:email_from_name] = 'Scalr Service'                 # Source name for the messages sent by Scalr
app[:email_mailserver] = nil     # Set this to 'host:port' of your SMTP server for email to be delivered. If you don't set it, no mail will be sent. Example ''
app[:email_configuration] = 'FromLineOverride=YES'   # Additional configuration to inject into /opt/scalr-server/etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf.  FromLineOverride=YES allows for "From" override.
#Optional settings below:
app[:email_configuration] = '[email protected]


In a multi-node configuration, the scalr-server.rb file should be exactly the same across all Scalr server nodes. Remember to run scalr-server-ctl reconfigure on all nodes whenever an update is made to the scalr-server.rb configuration file.