Cost Estimation


Cost estimation is only available on the paid tiers. See Scalr pricing here.

Scalr can automatically provide an estimate of cost based on the Terraform plan, using cost data from the cloud provider API’s. Cost estimation is carried out as part of the terraform plan run, immediately after the plan has been generated.

See Cost Estimation Reference for details of providers and resources that are currently included in cost estimation. The resources in the list will continue to be added to over time.

Enabling Cost Estimation

Cost estimation is enabled or disabled per environment by checking the “Enable cost estimation” box within the environment settings.


This enables cost estimation for all runs in all workspaces in the environment.

View Cost Estimation

Cost estimation information is visible in the cost estimation tab of each run when enabled.


The cost estimation data is also summarized in the output of CLI runs.


Cost Estimation Reference

Cost estimation is currently performed for the following resources. The lists show the factors on which the cost estimate is based.


  • aws_instance

    • Location

    • InstanceType

    • TermType (currently only On-Demand instances)

    • Usagetype (BoxUsage)

    • OperatingSystem (Windows or Linux)

    • LicenseModel (currently only instances that do not require a license are taken into account)

    • PreInstalledSw (currently any additional software price not taken into account)

  • aws_ebs_volume

    • Location (based on availability zone)

    • Volume size

    • Volume type (Magnetic, Cold HDD, General Purpose, Provisioned IOPS, Throughput Optimized HDD)

    • TermType (currently only On-Demand volumes)

  • aws_db_instance

    • Location

    • Instance type (instance class)

    • TermType (currently only On-Demand instances)

    • Engine (mysql, mariadb, postgresql, sql server, oracle)

    • Storage (more details in next section) - Size - Type - Provisioned IOPS (for io1 type)

  • aws_rds_cluster and aws_rds_global_cluster

    Cost estimate for database cluster not calculated itself. Its price is composed of an estimate aws_rds_cluster_instance resources, that are members of this cluster.

    Aurora global cluster cost estimate calculated similarly, but in two different regions (primary and secondary).

  • aws_db_snapshot

    • Location

    • Storage size

  • aws_eks_cluster

    Estimation does not need any additional information.

  • aws_autoscaling_group

    • Node price

    • Capacity


  • google_compute_instance

    • Location

    • MachineType

    • Usagetype

    • ScratchDisk/BootDisk

    • Image

    • PreInstalledSw (currently any additional software price not taken into account)

  • google_compute_disk

    • Location

    • DiskType

    • DiskSize

    • Image

  • google_container_cluster

    • NodeCount

    • NodeSettings

  • google_container_node_pool

    • NodeInstanceSettings

    • NodeDiskSettings

    • NodeCount

  • google_sql_database_instance

    • InstanceSettings

    • DiskSettings

    • IpConfiguration

    • BackupConfiguration